Do you know in France “French Toast” is called “pain perdu,” meaning “lost bread.” Why lost bread? Originally, people made French toast from stale bread in order to make use of bread that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Are you a fan? Do you make your own or do you have a favourite spot to get your fix. This is one of our favourite from @highfrequencycafe, the portion is good for sharing.

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One of the trending food in Brunei currently is the Japanese-style fluffy pancakes. It is soft and jiggly and it takes quite a while to make, so be patient. This is the Onde Onde version from @piccolocafebn. Have you tried one recently?

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If you’re looking for speciality mooncakes, Vanda Chinese Restaurant at @muliahotelbrunei offers a good variety such as White Lotus, Pandan Lotus, Red Bean, Pure Lotus and Assorted Nuts, both in traditional baked skin and crystal skin.

The star of the bunch is of course the Musang King Durian mooncake, filled with pure Musang King Durian. The one with the charcoal skin is our favorite.

It is available from 19 August – 13 September and prices ranged from $7 – $15.80. Call 2335544 for further info.

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Amongst the many questions we get via DM, this is the most frequent, “Where is the best place for Satay in Brunei?”
One of our favorite is from @asinashahmadsatayhouse (Madang Complex), especially their addictive Chicken-Skin Satay. What about you? Tell us your go-to place for Satay.
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We’re talking about ‘comfort-food’ on our IG Stories. Go tell us there what’s yours or you can comment below too.
This is definitely one of our favorites: corned beef, Kembayau and a simple fried egg. Take it up a notch and put some butter in your rice for that extra comfort 😋
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